2 Year Anniversary

April 3rd was the two year anniversary of the opening of Rainier Beach Yoga. These past two years have been a wild ride.

As I sit in the studio and write this newsletter, I reflect on the gratitude I have for the people who have made this dream a reality. Those who believed in me and Rainier Beach Yoga before it was even built, and who contributed to a crowdfund. To my partner and in-laws for literally building the studio from the ground up. To my parents for instilling in me confidence and to dream beyond what my mind thinks is possible. To the neighbors who support this little business, even with an increase of cars on our quiet street. To the clients I have worked with in many locations throughout the city, who have stuck with me through many transitions. To the groups I have had the privilege and pleasure to hold space for, who both take risks and move towards vulnerability while teaching me to do the same.

As I reflect, the trials that Rainier Beach Yoga has gone through also come to mind. I remember sleeping in the studio for a few days after the attacks on POC Yoga to ask the studio for guidance. I remember feeling like I couldn’t abandon her. After the closing of POC Yoga my private practice dwindled significantly. I trusted this shift in my businesses (or my babies as I refer to them), and it gave me time to focus on healing so I could continue to be of service to others.

Now, two years later, I am excited and a little nervous to see where this ride will take me next. Opening a new business has kept me right at my growing edge, which is thrilling and also terrifying sometimes. My next question for myself is, what do I want for the next two years?

More community. More compassion. More transformation.

Community. I will be opening up the space to be rented out by other yoga teachers and there will be even more classes to choose from! Chelsea Alvarez will teach a drop-in class on Saturdays from 9-10:15am (starting this Saturday, April 22) and an 8 week series on Yoga for People with Bodies: An Exploration of Movement and Breath starting Monday, April 24 from 6-7:15am. Interested in signing up? Contact Chelsea directly here.

Compassion. I am committed to fierce compassion in supporting myself and others heal from the wounds of trauma, depression and anxiety while simultaneously being attuned to the systems of power and oppression that feed the wounds of trauma, depression and anxiety. I am committed to dismantling the racism, homophobia, sizeism, ableism and other conditioning of privilege that lives within me, not from a place of shaming or blaming, but from a place of deep compassion and honesty. I am committed to supporting others on this path. While I acknowledge that I will continue to make mistakes, I am committed to compassionately tending to my impact while courageously correcting course and continuing forward on the path of justice and healing.

Transformation. I am committed to holding transformative space for people in 1:1 yoga therapy and in group classes, whether that means transforming our relationship to sexism, trauma, or to loving the body you inhabit. Yoga and meditation have changed me and I want it Rainier Beach Yoga to be a place where these practices can promote a similar experience for others. Here are what a few others have said about their experience  at Rainier Beach Yoga:

“I learned that there’s always some part of my body that’s experiencing the ‘loudest’ sensation, and by opening up to those quieter places I can find refuge in them. I learned that my body can be a source of comfort and joy in times of stress and anxiety.”

This was “a yoga experience that felt healing and holistic instead of just being about physical exercise.”

Have you been to Rainier Beach Yoga? What do you hope for the next 2 years? What would you like to see more of? Less of? How has coming to the studio transformed you? I would love to hear!

To the next 2 years, and beyond,