Reverend angel Kyodo williams

Radical dharma: A deepening circle with Reverend angel Kyodo williams

November 22-24, 2019

co-hosted with 8 Limbs

Radical Dharma is an urgent call to dharma communities to wake from the habitual ways they and their members reproduce and sustain exclusion. Radical Dharma advocates a “new dharma” that deconstructs rather than amplifies systems of suffering, and prepares us to weigh the shortcomings not only of our own minds, but also of our communities. We can only accomplish shifts in awareness through radical honesty, a common ground where we can drop our need for perfection to speak and act from a place of deep vulnerability, and authentic presence. Regardless of how unpleasant this feels or how messy this looks, Radical Dharma emerges out this kind of disarmed honesty, just as a lotus emerges from the mud.

The workshop will serve to:

  • create a space where participants can practice radical honesty
  • create a space where historically marginalized voices in American sanghas are centered
  • investigate how “politics of dis-belonging” plays a role in silencing ourselves and others
  • equip participants with tools that can be taken back to their practices communities to continue the work creating radically inclusive and honest communities

This event aims to take the conversation deeper than in previous Seattle visits from Rev. angel. 

Participants who have not yet spent time with Rev. angel are required to have read Radical Dharma AND attended or read/listened to additional investigations of racism in America. Here are a few we strongly recommend:

Called “the most intriguing African-American Buddhist” by Library Journal, Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei, is an author, maverick spiritual teacher, master trainer and founder of Center for Transformative Change. She has been bridging the worlds of personal transformation and justice since the publication of her critically-acclaimed book, Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace. Her book was hailed as “an act of love” by Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker and “a classic” by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield. Her newest book, Radical Dharma, explores racial injustice as a barrier to collective awakening.

Events for People of Color:

  • Friday evening, 11/22 from 6-9pm

Donation-based event. Free ticket required to attend. 

Registration coming soon.

Weekend workshop open to everyone:
No partial registration

  • Saturday, 11/23
  • Sunday, 11/24

Opportunity to offer Dana to Reverend angel will be available on Sunday as well.

Cost for weekend workshop days:

Registration coming soon.

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail payment with email, name, and phone number to:
Rainier Beach Yoga
8311 48th Ave South
Seattle WA 98118

Reverend angel Kyodo williams, author of Radical Dharma
Bridging the worlds of spirit and justice since her critically acclaimed first book, Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace, was hailed as “an act of love” by Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker and “a classic” by Buddhist pioneer Jack Kornfield. She received the first “Creating Enlightened Society” Award from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and is a Senior Fellow for Faith and Social Justice at Auburn Seminary.

Southside Commons
3518 South Edmunds Street
Seattle, WA 98118

Accessibility information:
In order to make this event as inclusive as possible we ask that you: Please refrain from using scented products including shampoos, laundry detergent and other personal products, including those with essential oils. Be prepared to turn cell phones off completely during the event if possible. Southside Commons are located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. There are 4 bathrooms, 2 are gender neutral, 2 are designated to women/men. There will be chairs set up for this event. If you prefer sitting or lying, please bring any props you wish to use. The restrooms in Southside Commons are gender-specific. Please use the restroom of your choice.

Cancellation Policy:
Refunds of 75% up to seven days prior to workshop. No refunds allowable after that time.