Being With What Is

First I want to share that this week in drop-in classes (Tuesday evening and Thursday morning only) we will be doing 36 sun salutations to celebrate my 36th birthday! If you have never done this many sun salutations do not worry! You can skip some, do different variations or just watch. I promise to make it joyful, fun and accessible to everyone who walks through the door.

This month we have been exploring the second yama, satya. Satya can be translated as truth, honesty and being with what is, and we are having some lively conversations.

We talked about the integration of ahimsa (non-violence) and satya (truth). If they come into conflict ahimsa comes first so we practice compassion first. We talked about satya
in our language with the Buddhist questions of: Is it true? It is kind? It is necessary? These questions are important to ask of ourselves just as much as the person we are intending to talk to.

We then explored the fact that sometimes the truth is we do not know. I recently ran into this with a friend. We were talking about doing a workshop together for white yoga teachers around privilege and becoming better white allies, and I said that I would not feel comfortable co-leading because I did not know enough. My lovely friend shared that my not knowing was a part of the process and worth sharing. I realized that when I started teaching yoga 10 years ago I was also uncomfortable not knowing (the Sanskrit, the poses, the anatomy, and the list goes on and on), and the longer I teach the more comfortable I am saying that I do not know. I am now at another growing edge where I get to hold not knowing and being honest with that even as I attempt to share with others (stay tuned this Fall for our workshop!).
I would love to see you on the mat as we dive more deeply into truth, being with is, knowing and not knowing this month.