Celibacy & Moderation

This month we have been exploring the fourth yama, brahmacharya. The literal translation is celibacy. I also think about it from a householder’s perspective as moderation, and the majority of the people I have met at Rainier Beach Yoga are householders.

I was recently asked, how do I get from celibacy to moderation? This yama is about turning our energy inward towards our spirituality. This includes our sexual energy. For most of us we are not solely focusing our energy on our spirit. We are also focusing our energy towards our partners, our children, our pets, our jobs and a host of other things. When we look at this from the idea of moderation we are asking ourselves where are we directing our energy towards? How are we moderating our energy? Where is our energy unbalanced? Where are places we want to devote more energy towards? 

If the Sutras are talking about directing our energy intentionally, sexually or otherwise, we can contemplate where and how are we using our energy? 

Tomorrow will be our last day focusing on brahmacharya. Join us at 10:30 or 6:30 to jump in on the conversation!