Changes to Rainier Beach Yoga

Changes are coming! When change inevitably happens it can be challenging and uncomfortable. Change can also be exciting and empowering! As the last couple months have rocked my world I am ready to start implementing some of the changes that have been calling me.

Santosha, contentment, is our theme for this month. Contentment seems like the perfect theme for change. I do not believe contentment means everything is perfect nor does it mean that I am ecstatically happy all the time. I believe it means that I can be OK with whatever is happening: ecstatically happy, devastated and all the places in between. I encourage you to notice what comes up for you around the changes at Rainier Beach Yoga, to see if you can allow yourself to have your reactions (or non-reactions) and even see if you might have a sense of contentment with those reactions. Contentment does not mean we like everything that happens, but it means we are OK with what is happening because it is happening. 

The biggest change that is happening is we are moving to all series classes in the new year. I recently finished my first Yoga for Resilience series and found the deepening community connection, the shared experiences of successes and struggles and the integration of yoga tools to be a powerful experience that I want to share even more. Series classes are also a great way to more deeply commit to your practice. I have 2 Yoga for Resilience series and 2 Yoga for Lovingkindness series starting in January. Can you still drop in to class? YES! If there is room in class you are welcome to join us, and we continue to be committed to a sliding scale model so yoga can be as accessible as possible.

In last month’s healing circle there was a strong community desire to keeping moving forward in integrating social justice into the Rainier Beach Yoga community. We are hosting monthly Heart Conversations: Nurturing Social Justice Through the Principles of Yoga on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm. We are also bringing in 2 outstanding yoga teachers, RW Alves and Genevieve Hicks, to teach a workshop on Svadhyaya: Acknowledging Privilege, Checking Bias, Exploring Identity in February.

Finally, I am taking a break! The studio will be closed from December 18-January 4. I am heading to the Grand Canyon for some hiking and then Chicago for rest and rejuvenation with friends and family. This will support my own contentment, santosha, and I look forward to being with you in community in the new year!