Classes Cancelled

I am writing you with some difficult news to share.
Classes will be cancelled until further notice, and definitely for the next week.
As some of you may know, I was intending to host a People Of Color yoga class at Rainier Beach Yoga. I considered it an opportunity to address the fact that yoga is often perceived as an activity that is most welcoming to white, straight cis folks and I was excited to help foster inclusivity and healing for people of color in our community. I did not consider this a controversial project, and I did not anticipate that there would be any backlash.
The intention of my offering was to create an opportunity for increased inclusivity, but news of the class was picked up by several national, conservative media outlets which has resulted in considerable backlash from across the country. The backlash has been vehement, intense and, in some cases, threatening.
Due to the intensity of the this reaction, I am temporarily closing the yoga studio, and I will let you know when we will reopen.
There is so much pain from this. If you meditateplease consider practicing lovingkindness to everyone affected by this: you, people you love, neutral people, difficult people and all beings everywhere. I will most likely have a community forum where we can process this experience together, but for now know that I am getting a lot of support and holding the community (you) in my heart.
Laura and Rainier Beach Yoga