Equanimity: A Daylong Retreat

Do you want to feel sustainable, embodied and ready to meet challenges with engaged, compassionate action?

Have you felt unbalanced and scattered since the election?

Are you craving community for support, guidance and encouragement? 

Join us for a daylong immersion focusing on balance, imbalance, steadiness, unsteadiness and holding the dichotomies of life with care, curiosity and tenderness.  In this daylong you will:

  • connect with community to feel support
  • practice silence in order to tune into your own rhythms, wants and needs
  • move your body in order to energize as well as steady your system
  • meditate to steady and ground the mind
  • journal and/or artwork to access your creativity for transformation

Vegan and gluten free snacks will be available throughout the retreat. Please bring your own lunch.

Bring a friend! Bring a friend on retreat for only $74! 

Saturday, March 18 from 9:30-4pm
Limited to 10 people
Register here.
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