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Future location of Gathering Roots Retreat and Wellness Center

I do, which is am excited to share an amazing opportunity to support Gathering Roots Retreat and Wellness Center, a POC-owned, led and focused wellness center coming to Whidbey Island. Please consider sharing widely and offering all the support you can. 

Read more directly from the folks with Gathering Roots:

Gathering Roots Retreat and Wellness Center is a POC (person of color) owned, led, and focused wellness center in the Pacific Northwest. Gathering Roots, consisting of a lodge and the surrounding land on Whidbey Island in Washington State, will be home to community collectives highlighting Buddhist, social and ecological justice, and wellness programs. We intend to provide cultural connection and right relation to each other and to the land. Our guiding principle, “The land is the medicine,” informs our goal of farm sustainability and land stewardship. By partnering with a variety of teachers and artists, both in the Pacific Northwest and nationally, Gathering
Roots seeks to be part of a consortium connecting spaces for transformational healing and liberation.

May we create a space and time for all of the participants’ intersectionalities to lift the oppression of generational trauma and provide respite for POC communities.

The Big News!
We have found property with a large residential building that perfectly suits our needs on Whidbey Island. The property is located one hour from Seattle, Washington. It is reasonably priced and in need of very little renovation. Purchasing this site will allow programming to begin as early as Summer

The Big Moves!
We have formed an Advisory Council that includes Karen Toering, Robin DiAngelo, and Sharon Suh. We have formed the business entity and land trust (Gathering Roots, LLC) to make an offer on the property. We have also formed a non profit organization to support the collective programming of Gathering Roots.

The Big Ask!
We need to raise funds to purchase this property very quickly. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million dollars by the end of December to purchase the property in full.

Our strategic funding plan is divided into three tiers: 1) Benefactor, those who give $10,000 or more; 2) Lotus, those who give $1000 or more; and 3) Fern, those who give any sustaining amount. In keeping with our values, all levels of giving are equally honored. We are also open to other  arrangements such as equity gifts, estate giving, and long-term private loans.

Will You Build With Us?
We would like to connect with those in your network who are open to sizeable donations ($5,000 – $100,000+). For smaller donations, we have built a crowdfunding page to accept tax deductible donations, which you can share:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Tracy L. Stewart, MA