Lovingkindness. Compassion. Joy. Equanimity.

4-week Online series starting Thursday, April 23 from 10-11am

Photo by Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

Yoga Sutra 1.33 says:
To preserve openness of heart and calmness of mind, nurture these attitudes:
Lovingkindness to those who are happy.
Compassion to those who are suffering.
Joy for those doing virtuous deeds
Equanimity to those whose actions oppose my values.

In this 4-week online series we will practice tools to cultivate meeting ourselves and the world with an open heart, groundedness and steadiness.

In this series you will:

  • practice gentle movement to support your body
  • learn specific practices to work with overwhelm
  • connect with community in order to not feel so alone
  • learn meditation tools to support your mind
  • have the recordings of our sessions that you can refer back to

This series is dana-based (financial generosity). All are welcome. Come to one or all classes.


Donations can be made:
PayPal at laura@seedyogatherapy.com
Venmo at RainierBeachYoga
Please put Lovingkindness in subject