“Laura rocks! In my 10 years of practicing yoga, I have been so impressed with her teaching. It never fails that her ability to direct and customize both the spiritual aspects and the physical aspects of the practice leave me feeling challenged, refreshed, and energized. I also love her energy and gentle guidance – a true yogi in the sense of being accessible to all and inspiring the best in her student.”

“Laura has a great teaching style. It is deeply rooted in skill and experience. She facilitates with clarity and engages with curiosity and true interest. It is a joy to take classes with Laura, they are fun and give me a feeling of being deeply met.”

“Can I say thank you? I know I say it as I leave almost every class, but I want to say it for real – your classes are so sweet and spacious and safe. Having a place like that where I can move my body is a first for me, and its an incredible gift. A few months ago, when we were working on Bird of Paradise, you told me to trust my body. I realized that I was still living this very old belief that my body is not a thing to be trusted. And something shifted (is shifting still). Suddenly trusting my body feels like a real thing, a thing that is possible. It stopped being an idea I could just slap on top of the aversion/disassociation I was actually feeling. And while I know it’s my own wisdom shining through, you pointed the way. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you know that you are good at this in an ultimate, heart-of-the-heart-of-it kind of way.”

“Yesterday I attended a 3-hour inversions workshop because I felt afraid of having my legs above my head. This morning I did a tripod headstand for the first time since grade school. Coincidence? I think not. Thank you Laura!”

“Thank you for an absolutely fantastic yoga class. I’ve never taken my headstand so far! You’re a great instructor! Hooray for strength and stability!”

“I have taken several classes from Laura. She is a superb teacher. She knows so much about yoga, from the mechanics of the poses to the philosophy to the layers in between – and she knows how to communicate at each level. I appreciate her honesty in sharing things that are happening in her own life and how yoga teachings help her understand challenges. I experience her as welcoming, warm, calm, and deeply accepting of each student. She also has a lightness about her that I enjoy. I have gained so much from her classes, not the least of which is a feeling of well-being and wholeness. I look forward to more opportunities to learn from her.”

“I feel so much better in my body with just the one-on-one session and the one class. I noticed my right shoulder has almost none of the same “angry” tightness I felt at the beginning of our session. I think our session set me up well to continue with yoga in a way that addresses my own personal physical challenges. I hope to keep up yoga indefinitely.”