Yoga for Resilience: Building Capacity

JP Tree Pose 6-week series

Are you looking for ways to stay centered and release trauma?

Do you want to believe in yourself more and make peace with your body?

Do you feel a sense of overwhelm and are unsure how to move forward?

“Yoga for Resilience: Building Capacity” is a trauma-informed series supporting your mind, body and heart learn tools to feel more grounded, compassionate and present to yourself and others.

In the Yoga for Resilience: Capacity-Building you will:

  • cultivate community and connect with other in nurturing group discussions
  • learn tools for the body and mind to ease overwhelm
  • calm the nervous system through mindfulness and movement
  • strengthen the body and mind through embodiment and meditation
  • meditate to foster compassion and empathy
  • explore yoga philosophy that supports resilience and kindness for yourself and others

Many of the challenges we face can knock us off our feet. From trauma, anxiety, divorce, aging parents, global warming to white supremacy, we all need ways to support ourselves, our relationships and our communities to have resilience, strength and empathy. This class will support your ability and capacity to lovingly and honestly meet these challenges.

6-week starts:
Thursday 10:30-11:45am (series starts May 3 and September 20)
Tuesday 6:30-7:45pm (series starts July 3 and October 30)

Supporting Rate: $149
Sustaining Rate: $112.50
Sponsored Rate: $74

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“Make an Offering” spots available.
These slots are available for those who need additional financial support to practice while still having the opportunity to make an offering, which can be an important energetic exchange. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Bring a Friend Ticket: $49 
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“I learned that there’s always some part of my body that’s experiencing the ‘loudest’ sensation, and by opening up to those quieter places I can find refuge in them. I learned that my body can be a source of comfort and joy in times of stress and anxiety.”

“This class was helpful in my awareness of negative cycles and retraining my thought process, not necessarily to fix destructive thinking, but to hold empathy toward myself when negativity comes up.”

“[I have] more joy, more confidence doing yoga with others and less fear of being vulnerable and disabled in a yoga setting.”
Lisa L.

“Thank you Laura. I was around completely different walks of life and learned how to chill out and be open to being present with total new new.”

“I felt like taking the series a 2nd time was super helpful for getting the tools I learned in class to ‘stick.’ I find myself noticing my reactions to other people more often and then remembering that I have the opportunity to practice lovingkindness.”

“[I gained] a better, fuller ability to be in the present with my body.”
Julie O.

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