Taking baby steps…

For the past several years I contemplated starting a yoga therapy training program, and I am taking my first baby steps in 2018!

In September I went on a solo retreat to see if I was ready to dive into this adventure. The night before I left I prayed and asked for guidance. Do I really want to do this? If so, how do I do this? I was up most of the night downloading modules and ideas. Apparently, I am ready.

I notice both a desire to talk about this new program non stop and to not talk about it at all. I am aware of this huge growth edge that comes with excitement and a bit of overwhelm. Tapas, heat or work, is an aspect of the 8 limbs of yoga that acknowledges discomfort as an opportunity to grow. Tapas invites us into the fire of transformation in order to facilitate change. Change, and even growth, is usually uncomfortable even if it is also welcome. For me growth and change take a lot of energy, I usually make many mistakes, I have to navigate relationships differently, and I come out the other side differently than I started.

I do not know what this adventure will look like but I am ready to find out. I am reminded of opening up Rainier Beach Yoga over 2 years ago not having any idea what this journey would entail. It has been quite the ride and Rise Yoga Therapy is a product not only of the last 2 years, but also of the last 10 years of seeing yoga therapy clients, 15 years of teachers who have shared their wisdom with me, the community that surrounds me with support, encouragement and love, my partner who literally built my dream and continues to cheer me on as well as challenge me to do better, and my parents and family for nurturing my creativity, curiosity and desire to walk a non traditional path. This, like everything I have ever done, is not an individual effort and I am deeply grateful to so many who have walked before me and along side me.

I hope you will join me for the first intro to Rise Yoga Therapy the weekend of January 19-21, 2018.