Tuning In and Slowing Down

Photo by Linus Nylund

Hello community,

I hope you are safe, happy, healthy and at peace. I hope you are resourced and surrounded by love and support. You have been in my heart, and I have missed you.

As you may know, Rainier Beach Yoga and Seed Yoga Therapy are two businesses operating in the same space. RBY is where group classes, retreats and trainings are offered. SYT is where I offer 1:1 yoga therapy to clients seeking an embodied approach to navigating a variety of challenges such as: depression, grief, racism, shame, sexism, and the struggle to love the body they live in through body-based, trauma-informed and anti-oppression approaches. Both RBY and SYT have continued offering online classes and sessions during COVID-19.

During this time of deeper practice, quiet and solitude I am slowing down, using this as an opportunity to go inward and to see where that leads me next. I have been reflecting during this time and have decided that Rainier Beach Yoga will be going on sabbatical. Seed Yoga Therapy, however, will remain in active service to you and our community.

I will continue to offer yoga therapy sessions online. You can learn more about yoga therapy here. If you are curious you can sign up for a free 20 minute phone consult to see if it might be a good fit for you.

There are also so many amazing folks teaching yoga and mindfulness online right now. If you are loving online yoga and meditation, I hope these folks can be useful resources for you:

  • RW Alves, current teacher at Rainier Beach Yoga, will still be offering online classes. You can sign up for their newsletter here, and visit their website here
  • Lizz Johnson, current teacher at Rainier Beach Yoga, will still be offering Trans/Enby Yoga online. You can find them here

Other teachers from around the country:

  • Lama Rod Owens is teaching on Facebook and Instagram
  • Michelle Johnson has several offerings (including BIPOC events) and weekly classes here
  • Jacoby Ballard is teaching weekly yoga classes (including 2 Queer and Trans classes/week) here
  • Hala Khouri is teaching weekly trauma-informed yoga classes here.
  • Nonnormative Body Club is a list of anti-oppressive virtual fitness resources created by People of Color, trans, fat, and disabled trainers.

Rainier Beach Yoga has been around for 5 years, and has cultivated such a beautiful community: YOU! You are my favorite part of RBY, and I miss seeing you at the studio. I look forward to when our paths cross again, and please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Although RBY is on sabbatical, I am still here. 

With love and deep gratitude,