Undoing Whiteness

Are you a white person wanting to unpack the harmful ways white supremacy is embedded in your body, mind and heart?

Are you looking for an embodied approach to racial and social justice?

Are you craving a spiritual community where oppression and privilege can be addressed with compassion and honesty?


This awareness-building exploration is for white people to begin or continue the work of looking into the ways whiteness is conditioned within us as well as committing to an action we want to bring out into the world supporting racial justice. 

In this class we will:

  • have a discussion around the conditioning of whiteness and how yoga and meditation can be  supportive tools to navigate looking at our conditioning with fierce compassion
  • practice tools of embodiment to understand how this lives not only in our psyches but also in our physical bodies
  • meditate to understand how the mind is affected by whiteness, as well as how the mind can be a tool to counteract whiteness with awareness and kindness
  • share an action we plan to commit to in order to support our desire for racial justice in our communities
  • Use Shelly Tochluk’s book Witnessing Whiteness as a guide for our work. Reading is recommended, but not required. 

Wednesday, December 12
from 6:30-7:45pm

Tuition per workshop: 
Supported: $13
Sustaining: $19
Supporting: $26

10% of all proceeds go to a POC-led organization.

Sign up here.

No one turned away for lack of funds. Contact info@rainierbeachyoga.com to sign up.