Yoga and Internalized Sexism

Exploring the Enemy and Lover Within
With Laura Humpf and Laura Kramer

  • Were you outraged when you learned that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump?
  •  Alternately, did you notice that you were not surprised that so many white women voted for him even though it went against their own interests as women?
  • While recognizing that racism, ableism, xenophobia and others systems of power and oppression played a significant role, do you want to explore how internalized sexism contributed to the election outcome?
  • Would you like to combat this conditioning and work toward a world where all people not only love and respect each other but also themselves?

bell hooks describes internalized sexism as “the enemy within” and explains that women have been socialized by the patriarchy to “judge [themselves and each] other without compassion and punish one another harshly.” In this workshop, we will explore the ways we have internalized the “enemy within” so that we may loosen its grip, engage more loving and empowered practices, and become better able to show up in our lives and relationships from a place of justice and connection.

In this workshop you will explore:

  • How the “enemy within’ lives within you through inquiry and discussion
  • How to transform conditioning into more loving constructive practices through movement
  • How to cultivate the “inner lover’ inside of you through inquiry and meditation


This workshop is for anyone who identifies or has been socialized as female.

Saturday, March 4 from 12:30-2:30pm

$50 early-bird (until February 18)
$65 after February 18

Register here.